Saving money is hard, sometimes even impossible. When I was back in the States I made a decent living working in the call center of a certain bank that sounds like Smells Dargo. The money I made allowed me to buy a used car, live with roommates in a nice Minneapolis suburb, meet the monthly minimum payments for my student loans and…nothing else. I didn’t have an expendable income. I was also miserable at the time, so I did what I always do when I’m sad: I shopped. I racked up more debt for myself when I should have been focused on paying it off.

It wasn’t until I moved to Hong Kong that I started making enough money where I could actually save some, but the problem is that I’m really bad at it. I still have various types of debt I need to pay down, but I know that I could set aside money each month to build an emergency savings. Experts recommend saving 20% of your income, which is far more than the 0% I’m saving now (although thanks to Hong Kong law, I am contributing 5% of my income to a retirement fund, which comes off my salary before I see the money. Makes it way easier to do!)

I recently got into the bullet journaling community, and many people use different kinds of trackers to keep track of their goals, whether it be drinking a certain amount of water every day, losing weight, or paying down debt. I thought this handy A4 sized savings tracker could be helpful for anyone who is trying to create an emergency fund, as having a visual in front of you that you can color in is a good motivator and allows you to see your progress. I purposefully left off any currency symbols so it can be used for USD, Euros, Pounds, etc. I don’t recommend using this for HKD, as HKD 20 won’t even buy you a hamburger! Hopefully you can find it useful!


PDF link: Savings tracker


Savings tracker

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