Kickass printable savings tracker

Saving money is hard, sometimes even impossible. When I was back in the States I made a decent living working in the call center of a certain bank that sounds like Smells Dargo. The money I made allowed me to buy a used car, live with roommates in a nice Minneapolis suburb, meet the monthly minimum … Continue reading Kickass printable savings tracker

Dieting again, ugh

Well, I'm back in the "yo" part of yo-yo dieting. After not seeing a vegetable for 10 days in Japan, I'm making an effort to eat better. I'm also aiming to hit up the gym at least three times a week, doing both cardio and weight training. Let's see how it goes this time. As … Continue reading Dieting again, ugh

How to travel: keep it chill and don’t be a douche

I'd like to think I'm a fantastic traveler, cause I try hard to travel nicely. I'm extra polite to flight attendants, cause they've got some tough ass jobs. There is no way I could be cheerful if I were trapped in a box for 14 hours with screaming kids, drunk businessmen and all-around entitled people. I give … Continue reading How to travel: keep it chill and don’t be a douche